Friday, March 5, 2010

What we've been up to...

So, I realize I haven't been blogging much recently. I also realized I haven't any updates on what Avalee has been up to in quite awhile. So, she'd like me to let you know, that she's currently working on a new diary entry... ;0)
Meanwhile, the reason I've been out of the blogging world recently is because we're working on a bedroom makeover for Z. He requested a new bedroom months ago, and since it hadn't been updated from baby/nursery times, we felt it was time. We gave him some ideas from which to choose, and he went with pirate (if you're wondering, other 'available' themes were; superhero, dinosaurs and monsters).
We decided after we painted it a new color ('Deep Sea Diver') we wanted to paint a mural on the wall.
So, this is what we have been steadily on for the last couple weeks...

Dad going over painting instructions. (And, yes, Z got to help paint the room. And, yes I know he's only four...;0)

Umm...can you tell he was a little excited?

No going back now...

We put this on the wall...

...Using this (BIG shout out to our friend, Laura, for letting us borrow it!!)

Then Colin traced the entire thing by himself (I did do one small anchor, but that's it)!

So, in an effort to not overwhelm you with tons of pictures ('cause I never do that), i will be posting our progress as we go along... So stay tuned for the next 'installment!'


  1. Hi I love what your doing to the bedroom! great ideas! Your son looks so happy to be painting! I am Friday Follower!

  2. Murals are SO FUN! My dad is an artist so he painted an awesome kid-friendly golf course in my son's room with a huge crocodile and everything. Can't wait to see more pics of the finished project. Your little guy looks really excited!

    Newly following you from FF!

  3. Happy Friday Follow

    Following From...

    Hope You'll Stop By

  4. What a cute wall mural this is going to be. Look forward to seeing more pics and the finished project!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog your sweet comment.


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