Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Zoo day!

Friday, we decided a trip to the zoo was in order. Colin had the day off and the weather promised to be nice, so we met Grandma and all headed off to the zoo!
The weather didn't disappoint, as it was in the 70s and sunny; not too hot or cold.
Z was so excited, since he couldn't remember that last time he had been (it's been over a year!). He kept telling us he was going to see 'the apes', and couldn't be deterred, even when we told him we didn't think there were apes. Of course, the first thing you see when you walk in are mountain goats. Really? Mountain goats? But, all the kids rush right over to “ooh and aah” over them because they're so darn excited to be there (and most of them aren't sure what to expect, so they see an enclosure with animals and they go nuts). And, I think it's the zoo's way of preparing us parents too; ready, set...try to keep up!
And it was Avalee's first trip ever, so we were all really excited to see her reactions to all the wild animals. Her favorite animals though? Cows, ducks and chickens. We went to the zoo to see all the exotic animals, and she loves the ones we can see down the street. LOL! She did love lots of other animals, and it was really cute to watch her so excited and pointing at the zebras, giraffes and monkeys. Unfortunately, she missed out on the elephants, since she fell asleep just as we were going into the elephant area (super-cute baby elephant too!). But, she woke up at the lions and was all refreshed for the rest of the day. :0)
We packed a picnic lunch,and stopped after awhile to eat and enjoy the sun. We noticed Z was dragging a bit, and was also coughing a lot. I was a little worried, but he was such a trooper! He never complained or whined, even when he was so obviously tired (and Mom forgot his PB&J sandwich...GASP.! BIG Mommy no-no!) After we saw it all, and pushed our visit to the last half hour before being kicked out, we headed to the gift shop. Normally, I'm not a big souvenir buyer, but Z found a really cool dinosaur mask and the pricetag of $3.99 seemed pretty reasonable, so I told him he could get it. He handed it to me, and said he wanted to go outside. I thought he was just hot, but he said he wanted to go to sleep! Sure enough, within ten minutes of driving off, poor guy was out!
I was hoping he'd be feeling better after a long nap, but unfortunately he was worse. :0( He's been sick since then, so we've spent a lot of time on the couch snuggling and watching movies. I'm just glad we got the zoo trip in, because he had so much fun! I'm just hoping he start feeling better soon, with Easter right around the corner.


Z & A in an eagle nest

Aren't these two sooo cute??




...and Zebras!

*Okay, so I have a bunch more pics, but frankly not enough time to upload more, so I'm going to try to get them into a slideshow & put on here soon!*


  1. What a fun day! I love picnic lunches at the zoo. I hope your little guy feels better soon!

  2. It was a great day. Z made it to the end. The weather was perfect. A and Z had a fun time, it was the best day.

  3. this looks like a lot of fun! my baby loves the zoo as well... just came across your blog, you have a beautiful family!

  4. Thanks, Jenny! We ended up taking him into the Dr & found out he had Bronchiolitis. He's doing much better now though. :0)

  5. Thais, I'm glad you found me; I love new readers!! And, thanks for the wonderful comment too. :0)


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